1. Shipping cost

As the shipping cost of any order depends on the destination country of delivery AND on the weight of the order, there is no standard shipping fee.

The shipping cost of an order will be automatically calculated and shown to you in clear during the process of placing the order.

2. Shipping options

We have 2 shipping options available: EMS Fast Shipping & Regular Shipping.

EMS Fast shipping usually delivers any order in max 7 days. Regular Shipping usually delivers any order in max 12-14 days. Depending on the country of destination, these estimations can be more or less accurate.

3. Tracking your order

Once an order has been shipped out from our facilities, a tracking number is available. You will receive the tracking number allocated to your order by email. You can check the status of the delivery anytime by entering your tracking number on the dedicated field listed in the homepage of our website.

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