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The same as skin, your hair also needs permanent hydration and toning to stay healthy and beautiful. Gerovital Expert Treatment Nutri-complex will help you provide all the nutritive elements necessary for your hair to successfully resist to harmful external factors and to the agitated lifestyle.


Inelastic, volume-less and rebel hair will now become history with the help of the new range, Gerovital Expert Treatment. You can enjoy more volume for your hair, for a longer time, using Romanian, very efficient, innovating products.


The care of oily hair is a daily task that requires time because, due to the excessive sebum secretion, the hair seems permanently dirty and untidy. The new Sebum Control formulas from Gerovital will bring to normal the secretion of sebaceous glands, increasing the interval between hair washes.


With ingredients such as hydrolysed keratin, Gerovital regenerating shampoo acts directly on the hair restoring the keratin level, a protein that ensures the elasticity of the hair and protects the hair against the destructive effects of external agents. The keratin, vitamins, trace elements and natural extracts that are the basis of this innovating formula, have the role to hydrate the scalp and hair, acting on the entire length of the hair and restoring the neat and smooth aspect.


The micellar water Gerovital H3 DERMA+ is designed at a pH level close to the natural tear with gentle cleaning agents that spare the protective barrier of the skin, gently cleanses while observing the skin's natural balance.

Paraben, Alcohol, Dyes Free.
Dermatologically tested.


Gerovital H3 Derma + Restoring and Softening Spray is recommended for diminishing drying, itching and red skin symptoms, specific for sensitive and dry skin, and it accelerates epidermal regeneration in case of superficial injuries, burns (thermal and solar) or recent, incompletely healed scars. 

  • for dry and irritated skin, superficial burns 
  • regenerates dry and damaged skin, reduces itching sensation 
  • accelerates the healing of the burns 
  • recommended for children and adults 
  • no fragrance, alcohol free.
  • All hair types. 
  • Removes impurities, strengthens and improves hair texture. 
  • Dermatologically tested, without soap, colorants, SLS. 
The shampoo contains Active Charcoal with exceptional absorption and adsorption power. Thanks to these properties, the shampoo gently, but very effectively and deeply, cleanses the impurities on the hair and scalp.
It exerts a natural peeling of the hair and scalp, with not only cleansing effects, but also detoxification far superior to a regular shampoo. It has sebum-controling and soothing effects of the scalp giving the hair a very healthy appearance and volume. 


The cream has a complex anti-wrinkle action, by associating the anti-wrinkle ingredients with solar filters. Prevents aging and wrinkling of sensitive, dry skin. With a mild gel cream formulation, it has an emollient texture without overloading the complexion. 

  • Wrinkled and dry skin 
  • No fragrance 
  • Dermatologically tested 

Code: 485 | 150 ml
For acne or acne-prone skin it ensures protection against the proliferation of microorganisms and the triggering of the inflammatory process, against excess sebum, dehydration and persistence of post-acne pigmentation spots. It may be used either in treatment of more severe cases, or individually, in common acne cases, both therapeutically and preventively.
  • Up to 80%* purifying effect (*10 minutes after application, in vivo clinical test)
  • Efficacy proven under dermatological control

In vivo studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of the product in reducing visible acne-caused blemishes. The box contains 30 adhesive pads, ideal for concealing pimples or post-acne scars. 

  • It conceals and diminishes the imperfections specific to acne or acne prone skin
  • It protects against dust and impurities
  • Clinically proven efficacy 6 hours after application* (in vivo clinical test)

Retinol anti-wrinkle ampoules contain a mixture of Retinol and Vitamin A - Palmitat, which are commonly known as active ingredients in ameliorating photo-aging phenomena. The combined action of the two ingredients leads to the rejuvenation of the epidermis from the inside to the outside, wrinkle improvement and leaves the skin smooth, uniform, with a youthful appearance. Dermatologically tested.

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