Aslavital - Detox Moisturising Ampoules

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Urban anti-stress protection line based on an unique and original formulation based on 100% natural Clay.

The vials have a complex hydration restoring formula enhanced with detoxifying ingredients, for a youthful, radiant skin.

The complex set of active ingredients work synergistically to plump dehydrated skin, restoring its water reserves which triggers the hydrating and detoxifying effects.

May be used alone, or in association with other complementary products: moisturisers, serums, UV protection skincare.

Item Form: Cream

Unit Count: 1.00 Fl Oz

Use for: Whole Body

Skin Type: Sensitive, Dry

Size: 1 box with 7 ampules

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  • Hyaluronic Acid - Restores the ideal level of hydration for the skin and reduces the trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL).
  • SYN-UP™ - A dipeptide derivate which visible improvement of dry skin conditions, making the skin more resilient against stress factors.
  • Natural Clay - A non-chemical treated, sourced from Pădurea Craiului Mountains, with remarkable remineralizing and toxin absorbing powers. Restores skin’s radioactive balance and enhances its natural filter against UV radiations.
  • Caffeine - Stimulates skin circulation and toxins drainage, helps to calm inflammation and irritation.
  • Cobiodefender EMR - First active ingredient focused on reducing biological skin disorders resulting from exposure to Electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
Usage: Apply daily, in the morning, on a clean face, neck, décolletage and hands.
Get the serum entirely at the bottom of the ampule. Make sure you hold the ampoule standing before breaking it, to avoid spilling the product.
Break the serum ampoule using a tissue paper or textile towel. Read the instructions from the leaflet inside the packaging if use the protection cap to break the ampule.
Pour the content into the palm of your hand and apply it on your freshly cleaned skin by gently massaging it.
Avoid contact with the eyes!
For external use only!
7 vials x 2 ml



Huge fan..

Impressive fast results, one of my favourite cosmetic products. Amazingly priced as well..

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