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Face care

Gerovital makes your skin beautiful and flawless!

Gerovital offers you a wide range of face care products from gentle cleansers, foaming gels, purifying corrector sticks, sebum control creams to anti-aging formulas for every skin type and tone.

Your skin is exposed every day to stress, environmental factors and can become sensitive. You need gentle formulas that will re-awaken your skin. Experience Gerovital’s dermathologically tested formulas to revive your complexion.

Products for oily skin – Stop Acnee

Keep your pores clear and reduce acne with our purifying range of products. We offer you anti-blemishes formulas that will clean and fortify your skin. The plant extracts generate an anti-microbial protection and keep the secretion of sebum under control.

Anti-aging products – Re-awaken your skin

Over the years your skin loses its natural elasticity that is why you need a proper skin regime. Gerovital anti-aging formulas will help you keep your skin young and beautiful. The H3 Revolution products provides powerful anti wrinkles effect and revive your skin by keeping it young, soft and radiant.

Hydration – Moisturizers for a perfect skin

Dry skin is a common problem amongst women. When the skin does not produce enough natural oils, becomes dry and more sensitive. A good moisturizer repairs the skin, prevents water loss, and improves elasticity and deep nourishing. Our efficient moisturizers prevent dehydration and premature skin aging.
A healthy lifestyle and professional skin care products can help you revive your complexion and prevent any skin problems. Pamper yourself with our special skin care formulas.
Gerovital - Skin care has never been so easy!

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