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  • Product details: Poppy Flowers organic oil has the advantage of protecting the skin from daily stress. Is the ideal ingredient in the cosmetic treatment of dehydrated and exposed to environmental stress factors skins, preventing dehydration, irritation, wrinkles and premature skin aging. Paraben-Free Formula. Action: Face care, Cleansing Age: 20+ Skin...

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  • Action: Due to its qualities, the Gerovital clay is a high valuable, natural cosmetic product, that could be used successfully in cosmetic formulations for treatment of sensitive skins (allergic, seborrhoeic, with acne or cuperosis, irritated and wrinkled) also for naturist cosmetic treatments, respectively by preparing of some instant masks....

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  • Action: Gerovital Anti-Microbial Foaming Gel ensures a mild and efficient face wash. Removes impurities and the excess of sebum without drying the skin. The Gerovital Anti-Acne Vegetal Extract has an anti-septic effect, while the Lactic Acid moisturizes and provides anti-microbial protection. Result: A clean, shiny and healthy skin. How to...

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  • Action: It has excellent antiseptic properties thanks to the association of anti-acne extract and alcohol. Lactic Acid and Sodium Lactate provide moisturizing properties and improve the apearence of the skin by cleaning the pores. The soothing and anti-inflamatory effect provided by this acneous skin treatment is ensured by the Boswelia Serrata extract....

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  • Action: This Gerovital product has a double role: medication and camouflage of acneous lesions. Due to its active ingredients - Irgasan, Sulfur (which can give a powdery appearance to the skin), Zinc Oxide, Boswelia Serrata Extract, Marigold Oil - the microbes growth at the skin level is controlled, the inflamatory process is lessened and the healing...

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  • Action: Gerovital Purifying Sebum Control Cream is a daily cream for the seborrhoeic, acneous skin. it controls the secretion of sebum and emulsifies the exceeding lipids. The Boswelia Serrata Extract and the Marigold Oil provide soothing and healing effect. The Anti-Acne Vegetal Extract generates an antiseptic action and provides anti-microbial...

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  • Action: Gerovital Ultra Active Cream acts directly upon the acne lesions, provides anti-microbial protection, medicates the comedos and heals the existing papules. The Lactic Acid removes the devitalizes cells of the horny layer opening the pores and facilitates the action of the other active ingredients. The Irgasan, together with the Anti-Acne Extract...

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  • The Gerovital Complete Skin Care Kit, the best solution for skin with imperfections, is the first step towards a healthy skin and a luminous face. With a demonstrated anti-acne efficiency of 83%, these products treat acneic skin and have a high antiseptic effect. * Gerovital Acne Stop -- Anti-Microbial Foaming Gel * Gerovital Acne Stop --...

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  • Action: Innovative product, it restores the beauty of your eyes and lips due to: - the intense effect of hydration and nourishing, soothing and protection - instant effect of smoothing the wrinkles, after applying it for only one day - cell regenerating effect, fighting against dark circles and pouches It\'s special formula, protects the delicate...

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  • Action: The Aslavital Ultra Active Lift Cream, has a great smoothing effect of the wrinkles, improves cellular regeneration, rejuvenating the skin and creating a very pleasant silky sensation. The Gatuline Expression extract and Clay, provide unique anti wrinkle effects. By quickly blocking the spontaneous contractions of the face muscles, the Aslavital...

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  • Product details Dark Spot Corrector gives your face brightness and beauty by removing the dark spots. The cream discolorates the dark spots, whitens and restores the uniformity of the skin by the synergic action of it skey ingredients (the Arbutine and AHA Care Complex). The Superoxide Dismutase together with Vitamin E and Boswellia Serrata...

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  • Product details The anti-aging cream has a highly efficient, innovating formula, specially created for the specific needs of a mature skin. It contains bio-mimetic ingredients (oils, fats, natural waxes) with high preventing and reconstructive powers that ensure long term anti-aging effects: the fading of wrinkles, the renewal of collagen and the pure...

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Face care

Gerovital makes your skin beautiful and flawless!

Gerovital offers you a wide range of face care products from gentle cleansers, foaming gels, purifying corrector sticks, sebum control creams to anti-aging formulas for every skin type and tone.

Your skin is exposed every day to stress, environmental factors and can become sensitive. You need gentle formulas that will re-awaken your skin. Experience Gerovital’s dermathologically tested formulas to revive your complexion.

Products for oily skin – Stop Acnee

Keep your pores clear and reduce acne with our purifying range of products. We offer you anti-blemishes formulas that will clean and fortify your skin. The plant extracts generate an anti-microbial protection and keep the secretion of sebum under control.

Anti-aging products – Re-awaken your skin

Over the years your skin loses its natural elasticity that is why you need a proper skin regime. Gerovital anti-aging formulas will help you keep your skin young and beautiful. The H3 Revolution products provides powerful anti wrinkles effect and revive your skin by keeping it young, soft and radiant.

Hydration – Moisturizers for a perfect skin

Dry skin is a common problem amongst women. When the skin does not produce enough natural oils, becomes dry and more sensitive. A good moisturizer repairs the skin, prevents water loss, and improves elasticity and deep nourishing. Our efficient moisturizers prevent dehydration and premature skin aging.
A healthy lifestyle and professional skin care products can help you revive your complexion and prevent any skin problems. Pamper yourself with our special skin care formulas.
Gerovital - Skin care has never been so easy!

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