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It is a daily care cream for seborrheic, mixt and acneic skin, for glossy and irritable skin. It has a mild, pleasant, non-clammy structure, with a rapid absorption, which reduces the sebum excess and restores the feeling of comfort. Skin becomes clean and mattified.


Gerovital Ultra Active Cream acts directly upon the acne lesions, provides anti-microbial protection, medicates the comedos and heals the existing papules. The Lactic Acid removes the devitalizes cells of the horny layer opening the pores and facilitates the action of the other active ingredients. The Irgasan, together with the Anti-Acne Extract and Sulfur provide anti-microbial effect, while the Boswelia Serrata Extract helps by lesions healing.

A smooth skin without acne lesions.

How to use:
Use in the evening, after previous skin cleaning with the Gerovital Plant Acne Stop - Anti-Microbial Foaming Gel. Apply in a 2-3 mm thick layer on the affected areas and let it act over the night or at least 60 minutes. then remove with a cosmetic pad. It can also be used in the morning or during the day - in this case apply in thin layer and massage gently untill it is completly absorbed by the skin. For optimal results, it is advised to follow the steps appointed in the treatment scheme with the "Gerovital Plant Acne Stop" products, treatment that was dermatologically tested by our specialists.

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