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Liposomes with Hyaluronic Acid penetrate the skin and fill the wrinkles from the inside, therefore fine lines and wrinkles are much reduced.
The anti-age effect is also enhanced by Superoxide Dismutase, which has a protective role both for the collagen and elastin fibers, and for the Hyaluronic Acid. Pure Hyaluronic Acid has intense moisturizing effects, acting dually by restoring the skin’s water reserves and reducing transepidermal water loss. Used regularly, the product visibly reduces deep wrinkles.

How to use:

Get the serum entirely at the bottom of the ampoule and then place it within the breaking point forward. For hand protection, wrap the ampoule in a tissue before breaking it.

Pour the ampoule content into the palm of your hand and apply on the freshly cleaned skin by gently massaging it. The entire content of the ampoule is used for a single application! Once the serum is absorbed, apply the daily care cream from the Gerovital H3 Evolution line. Use the ampoules in the morning or in the evening in a 10-day treatment sessions. For long-lasting effects, apply this tratment every month.

After 28 days of use, the product reduces the depth of profound wrinkles by 24%, while increasing the moisturizing level by 66,7% after only 1 hour after the first application (instrumental evaluation).

IMPORTANT: avoid contact with the eyes.

Action: Moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle, Anti-age, Special care

Age: 30+
Skin type: 
All skin types


Use: Day care & Night care


Product details

This cream quickly penetrates the skin to protect, moisturize, nourish, soften and replenish dehydrated, dry hands. It fights premature aging signs by "feeding" your hands with a complex of nutrients that strengthen and protect them against environmental factors.

Apply on the wet skin by gentle massage, leaving a pleasant feeling of softness.

Action: Moisturising, Nourishing, Anti-aging

Age: 35+

Skin type: Dry skin, Mature skin, Normal skin.

Use: Day & Night

The Gerovital Plant “Color Control” Cream gives the complexion a natural look, having a formula that combines effective active ingredients with natural pigments.
The CC Cream offers multiple benefits: reduces the appearance of skin imperfections, mattifies and smoothes the skin texture, protects skin against the aggression of external agents.

The Body Cream for dry skin is designed to restore the hydrolipidic barrier and compensate for the hydration deficiency of extremely dry skin. Encountered both in children and adults, a dry sensitive skin is the consequence of a complex of internal and external factors, including the genetic factor. Regardless of contributory factors, this type of skin always shows an altered skin protective barrier.


Gerovital-H3® is indicated for people older than 40 years in order to retard the aging process and as a preventative and curative treatment for chronic degenerative diseases. Gerovital-H3® has been shown to be efficacious in all the following:

Moderate and light depressive states.

In troubles concerning attention, concentration and cognitive processes.

Chronic fatigue syndrome.

Sleep disorders.

Body care

From head to toe, Gerovital offers you the products you need to take good care of your skin!

Keep your skin in good health by taking care of your body inside and out. As well as eating healthy food, drinking enough water, exercising, moisturizing daily helps keep skin healthy, smooth and soft.

If you want to have a beautiful skin, try our wide range of body products, from our spectacular shower gels to body lotions, creams and even foot care products. In order to keep your skin youthful and hydrated you will have to use professional body products.

Why choose Gerovital body products?

Gerovital has 40 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Gerovital has a wide range of body care products for every skin type and problem.

Whenever you are undecided what body care products better suits you, remember that Gerovital can offer you the best active ingredients that work with your skin type and your skin needs, as well.

From body, feet or hands products, creams, tablets or injectable ampoules Gerovital has them all. All you need to do is call us or simply register and make an order online! We promise we will do the best for you.
For so long you have heard that celebrities all around the world are using hyaluronic acid to gain the best control over their youth. Well, now you can try it by your own.

Gerovital presents you ten hyaluronic injectable ampoules for the best price and best results. Used regularly for day and night care, this product reduces even the deeper wrinkles to create an intense moisturizing effect for your skin. You don’t have to go to beauty salons anymore, now we are bringing beauty salons to you.

Choose Gerovital and we will choose you!

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