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Product Details: 

The CC cream by Gerovital Derma+ Premium is a multipurpose product which combines the properties of a make-up product with the benefits of an anti-aging line moisturiser. The cream increases the density and firmness of the dermis, fills in wrinkles from the inside for a visibly smoother and plumper skin. Restores skin’s metabolism of youth by stimulating synthesis of extracellular matrix components.

Its active mix of ingredients are incredibly moisturising ingredients and improve the skin barrier function, while increasing the density and firmness of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of the components of the extracellular matrix.

Formulated with broad-spectrum SPF10, it has a light texture and a medium tone, leaving a natural, flawless-looking complexion.

It hydrates, protects, corrects and refines skin texture leaving a radiant fresh and flawless appearance. 

How to use: Apply in the morning, to cleansed face and neck. Smooth evenly over entire face, paying special attention to areas of concern. Use gentle, circular motions from the centre of the face toward outside. 

Apply to face and neck after cleaning through circular movements outward. A multipurpose cream with light texture, combining the properties of a makeup product with the benefits of a skincare product. Medium tint. 

Action: Face care / Anti wrinkle / Moisturising / UV Protection

Age: 30+

Use: Day care

Skin type: All skin types


Product details

Exfoliating Booster with AHA is designed to diminish the appearance of dull skin or lack of radiance and restore the natural uniformity and luminosity of the complexion.

The kit is an intensive anti-aging program which will totally transforms your complexion in just a week.

Seven vials high in active ingredients and sophisticated formulas tackle all signs of ageing: lines and wrinkles, dullness, uneven skin tone and dehydration.

A cocktail of vitamins and unique ingredients neutralises the harmful effect of free radicals, limits the photo-damage, supports natural collagen production, boosts hydration and improves skin texture, vitality and luminosity.

Days 1 and 5: Oxygenation. The vial provides the entire daily energy necessary for the skin to function at its best parameters, stimulates its resistance to the UV radiation stress and accelerates skin cell renewal.

Day 2: Exfoliation. A gentle AHA based exfoliation helps skin to regenerate from inside, and facilitates a more efficient hydration.

Days 3 and 6: Anti-wrinkle. Synergetic action stimulating the collagen synthesis, increasing the density and firmness of the dermis and protecting cells from environmental damage.

Day 4: Lifting. The vial contains a complex of marine origin collagen and elastin and liposomal hyaluronic acid to restore the extracellular matrix of the skin and improve its elasticity and firmness.

Day 7: Vitamin Booster


Usage: Get the serum entirely at the bottom of the ampoule. Break the serum ampoule using a tissue paper or textile towel. Make sure you hold the ampoule standing before breaking it, to avoid spilling the product. Pour the content into the palm of your hand and apply it on your freshly cleaned face by gently massaging it. Once the serum is absorbed apply your regular serum or moisturiser.  Avoid contact with the eyes!


Product details

The intensive anti-aging complexion care program is designed as a 7-vial kit, specific to the particular routine of every day of the week, each one offering the benefits of one type of skincare action.

Evaluation of the anti-wrinkle effect, by clinical score (EVIC GROUP), one application / day, for 28 days, on the face, neck, neckline:

  • wrinkles are reduced by an average of -12.5%, up to a maximum of -50%
  • 95% of the subjects appreciated the appearance of the reduction of wrinkles.

Provides the necessary energy for the skin in accordance with its own needs and pace throughout the day, it stimulates resistance to UV radiation stress, accelerates skin cell renewal. 

Provides gentle exfoliation, skin regeneration from depth to the surface, effective hydration, while stimulating the collagen synthesis in the skin . By mutual intensification of the active principles lasting anti-wrinkle effects are obtained.

Main benefits:

  • increases the density of the dermis and its firmness.
  • exceptional moisturising ingredients, improving the barrier function of the skin.
  • active principles that restore the extracellular matrix and improve elasticity and firmness.
  • Vitamins A, E, C neutralise the harmful effects of free radicals.

How to use:

We recommend to use the Program at least once per month.

Each vial shall be applied in the evening, preferably on the recommended day on your face, neck, décolletage and hands. After the exfoliating treatment the Soothing protective cream will be applied. During the exfoliation treatment it is recommended to avoid sun exposure, use high UV protection sunscreen, avoid potentially sensitisation cosmetics. It is recommended for the treatment to be done in less sunny seasons.

Empty one vial in your hand and apply gently massaging. To protect your hands, wrap the vial in a tissue before breaking. Do not rinse.

Do not use more than one 7-vial kit per week. Avoid contact with your eyes! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


Product details

The cream contains anti-wrinkle state-of-art active ingredients that improve the three-dimensional structure of the skin, re-densifying it.

Featuring anti-wrinkle state-of-art active ingredients, the moisturiser improves the three-dimensional structure of the skin, offering a visible re-densifying effect.

It uses the collagen and elastin “needle less filler” technique to erase wrinkles, and help skin regain its firmness and elasticity. This stimulates the synthesis of structural proteins of the skin and supports collagen and elastin fiber maturation process.

Intense re-densifying effect, restoring skin's moisture, fortifying itsnatural barrier and helping protect against harm from outside elements.

*Clinically proven results after 28 days*wrinkles reduced by 50%

Usage: Apply in the morning on a cleansed and make-up free face, neck and décolletage. Use either alone or after your usual serum.

Action: Sunscreen / Face care / Moisturising / Anti-wrinkle

Age: 30+ 

Skin type: All skin types

Use: Night care


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